R1150 RS
R1150 RT

Each TuneUp-Eprom contains 8 different program (mappings), stage 1 to 4.

Type 1: to year 1999 ( a few until spring 2000)
Type 2: 2000 to 2002 (a few 2003 with sigle spark ignition)
Type 3: 2003 bis 2004 with double ignition (twinspark)

Dynograph examples:

Stage 1    90 hp
Stage 2    92 hp
Stage 4  102 hp

There aren't any considerable power differences between engines with simple or double ignition.

We warn people urgently not to use gasoline pressure regulators with a higher pressure. (from K-model).
The consequences are more excessive fuel consumption and soot formation and thinning of the oil of the engine.
Big air snorkel called air charger worsen the torque in the lower range,  these make only sense from stage 4 on.
Pieces of equipment like PowerCommander, Techlusion u. a. work after unfortunately not as desired our experience and almost always supplies drastic disturbances instead of to an improvement.
Special plug leads are insignificant and from our view pure financial waste , absolute no power gain.