K1200 RS
Stage 1    127 Hp
Stage 2    135 Hp
Stage 3    141 Hp
Click for the dynograph's

Tune Up Eprom
with fitting instruction en detail
including 6 different program

Limiter all 9700 rpm

Stage 1 - original exhaust system
Stage 2 - aftermaket / street legal exhaust system
Stage 3 - Staintune racing
Stage 3 - Remus or SR-Racing,Two Bros racing, etc.
Stage 1 - with special air funnels
Stage 2 - with special air funnels
Stage 3 - with special air funnels
Stage 4 - powerful engine with special camshaft / bigger valves

Pieces of equipment like PowerCommander, Techlusion u. a. work after unfortunately not as desired our experience and almost always supplies disturbances instead of to an improvement.
Special plug leads are insignificant and from our view pure financial waste , absolute no power gain.